Connecting Your Website to Google Analytics

Making a Google Analytics Account.

• After logging into your website, you will come to your websites Dashboard.

• You will see the Dashboard Card that says, “Sign In with Google”.

• Before you can login you will need to connect your Gmail account to Google Analytics.



• Go to and login with your Gmail Account.

• Once Logged in select the “Start Measuring” button.

• Fill out all required and relevant information about your Business.

• Once you have finished filling out your information, you will come to the following screen.

• Select the Web button under “Choose a platform”

• Input the information asked to create a data stream.

• You will then be brought to the following screen. Copy your Measurement ID key.

• Navigate to the Backend of your website and select Theme Settings at the bottom of the Menu Panel.

• In the general tab select the Google Analytics drop down. Paste in your Measurement ID and Save.

• Once you place in your Measurement ID key, It will begin sending information to Google. (It can take up to 48 hours before Google receives a signal).

• Once Google is receiving information from your Measurement ID key, you can return to the Backend Dashboard to Sign in with google.

• Once you Sign In with Google. it will propagate your Google Analytics information on your Dashboard.