How to Setup a Website for Your Print Shop

Choose Your Plan and Checkout

• After selecting the ‘Sign Up Now’ button you will be directed to checkout.

• From the Checkout page, you will fill out your information to create your account.
– Enter your ‘Website Name’ without the extension (.com).

• Create a Username and Password. This will be used to sign in at, but will not be your account password on your website. (We will get to that in a second)

• After filling out your information and account credentials, check ‘Your Order’ to make sure you have the correct plan.

• Input your card information and select ‘Sign Up Now’.

• It will take 10-15 minutes before your website will be accessible. If you are unable to login after 20 minutes, please Contact Us.

Confirmation Emails and Login Credentials

•  Once you Sign Up, you will receive three Emails.
• One for your account confirmation
• One for your order confirmation
• One with your website login credentials.



• You can login to your website from the Admin URL in the Email or the ‘My Account’ section on the front end of your website.

• You can also login from your PrintShopHub account.