Print Shop Thoughts: Why Print Shops Need To Invest NOW!

Though it is a debate topic among many economists, The United States has experienced roughly 50 recessions in the 246 years that we have grown as a country. Each time marking the cycles of production, consumption, and business that turns the engine of the economy. Although the people in power, nor the media will say out right that we are in a recession; the average person will already understand this fact when they pull up to the gas pump or go to the grocery store. With the rapid inflation being seen across global markets; businesses and consumers are being forced to rethink spending and cut costs where they can. For print shops that were around during the 2008 recession, this will be a test of their lessons learned during that time. For print shops that got their start during one of the biggest bull markets ever seen in American history, this will be a matter of learning from the past and positioning yourself accordingly.

Although typically a recession will show it’s warning signs years ahead, it will reach up and strike the general public seemingly out of no where. One day things are good. Then there’s a bad week, and another, and another, until you evaluate everything around you and understand the circumstances are more dire and this was not just a hiccup. If you don’t address the hiccups quickly, you can find yourself hiccuping uncontrollably and gasping for air. I can spend my time in this article analyzing the how’s and who’s of the situation we currently face. That will not however change the fact that businesses and consumers are being forced to react quickly to a rapidly evolving situation NOW.

As a respectful business owner, you don’t want to have to weigh the options of having to cut back or possibly lay off your workers, or weigh the options of having to sacrifice your product quality, or be forced to raise your prices during a time when consumers are being forced to reevaluate their budgets and spending. Any price increases are going to decrease your chances of a sale during this time. This tug and pull match between producers and consumers can be the difference in this recession taking hold for years to come or keep us afloat while the massive supply chain issues work themselves out. It will take the effort of both producer and consumer to ultimately start to move past this. If we wait for the powers that be to act effectively, you can go ahead and strap in, because it’s about to get bumpy.

Until then, you have to start figuring out how to make your business more efficient. Anybody who’s been in the printing industry for any amount of time, understands how tough or expensive it can be to do that. One of the biggest overlooks when it comes to most print shops is the investment and utilization of software. If done properly, this can dramatically increase your print shops efficiency, therefore increasing your profit margins, which in turn can aid in your ability to keep your prices lower, therefore leading to a higher rate of sales. If you are able to continue your growth through these uncertain times, you undoubtedly will be the one standing on top once we get to the other side of this mess. That’s capitalism, baby!

One software investment that many industries could stand to benefit from, is investing in their website. For print shops specifically; a quick google of competing print shops in your area, will show that they either do not have a website, or their website is limited and still leads to a traditional process of customer acquisition. Anybody who has been in the printing industry understands the many nuances of pricing out different printing processes and the many variables that come with that complexity. Those nuances are what ultimately leaves print shops stuck with a website that is about as useful as a business card. The goal here needs to be efficiency.

In the era of convenience, you have to be able to give your customers a path to pricing and submit orders quickly and easily. If a client has to get in touch with you by way of phone call or email to know more about your product or service, you may never get that sales lead. If they are able to get rough pricing and submit an order, your odds of closing the sale is vastly higher due to that convenience factor. You can go a step farther and utilize “Design Your Own” product designers on your website, but that is ultimately dependent on the products you are producing, your goals, and your abilities as a print shop. You can read more about that subject here.

At the very least, a functional website will give your customer the perception of your professionalism. At the beginning of my business ventures in the printing industry, many first time clients were baffled to learn that I was working out of a basement. When you are just getting started, your clients perception of your business will be an integral part of your growth.

Your print shop’s website doesn’t need to be as technical as you think it needs to be. Simplicity, in many cases, is the key to being effective. With our website system built specifically for print shops, you won’t have to know a single line of code. Your a printer not a web developer, you have a prints due out. You don’t need the headaches that comes with dealing with a super technical website. We have been in your shoes and we get the many difficulties that come with running a print shop. We have built our website system to ease that stress and make the day to day easier.

Check out all the features we have to offer here and learn how we can help you grow!