Use conditional logic to determine whether or not to display certain groups or fields.

What are conditions?

A simple example of a condition is to have two fields: Field A is a checkbox; Field B is a text field. You can set a condition on Field B so that it only display when Field A is checked.

Group conditions and field conditions

If you apply conditions to a field, it will only affect that field.

If you apply conditions to a group, it will affect all the fields within that group.

Apply conditions to groups allows you to speed up your workflow. If you have multiple fields that will display or hide depending on the same conditions, you can place them in a single group and apply the set of conditions to the group.

Both field and group conditions are always dependent on the value of fields. You can’t set a group condition that depends on the status of another group. You can only set a condition (group and field) that is dependent on the value of a field.

Setting up a field condition

To create a field condition, you’ll need at least two Print Options fields – one field that will display or not depending on the status of the other field. In the example below, we’ve created a checkbox field and a text field. We only want the text field to display if the user has selected the checkbox field.